Wednesday, 30 May 2018

RTT Episode #37

And thus begins our 4th year of podcasting!


•••[00:01:00] Games of Interest►►►
Homesteaders: New Beginnings, Key Flow, 5 Minute Dungeon: Curses! Foiled Again!, Escape Tales: The Awakening, Lost Cities: Rivals, Spring Meadow

•••[00:09:22] Top10 Board Game Boards Part I Revisit

•••[00:31:11] Game Q&A►►►
New table in the future? Zombie running? Youtube ads? Yahtzee killers? Co-op conversion to solo? RTT music selection process? Feudum? Bad rules ever ruin the game? Giving 0's on BGG? What 3 games sum up modern boardgaming? Modern videogaming? Pandemic or Agricola: which game to design an expansion for? Perfect euro length? More finding theme in dry soulless euros? What gateway would make the best Legacy game? Game of the month segment? How to best learn from the rules? Boardgame burnout from RRT? Do we care who wins?

•••[01:17:35] Personal Q&A►►►
Vlogs? Celebrity chef faves? Ever been to Boston? What about Rahdo meetups? Sushi love? What movie have we watched the most? Why New Zealand? What about Australia? Not much of a reader? How does my on-air personality different from off air? Rahdo vs Jen: best driver?  Best sense of humor? Jen's maiden name? Rahdo vs Jen: how often do we fight? Could Jen handle Handmaid's Tale? How're we feeling about the move so far? Fave movies: western? horror? gangster? comedy? Marvel universe? 3 new TV series to recommend? Carebear names?

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