Saturday, 7 July 2018

RTT Episode #38

So much to talk about...


•••[00:00:54] Games of Interest►►►
A Thief's Fortune, 5-Minute Marvel, Clank! In! Space! Apocalypse! Roll Player Adventures, Solenia, Shadowrun Crossfire: Prime Runner's Edition, Dragonfire: Heroes of the Wild, High Rise, Troyes 2, Roll Player: Fiends & Familiars, Tale of Ord, Legend of Andor: Verschollenen Legenden, EXIT the Game, 3rd series, Mesozooic, New Frontiers, Roll for Adventure, Snowdonia Delxue, Sleeping God

•••[00:25:12] Top10 Revisits►►►
Boardgame Boards, Part II & Roll and Writes

•••[00:59:52] Game Q&A►►►
UKGE recap? First player choosing? How to learn new games? How to teach Burgundy? Theme of Chess? Go? Checkers? Too much theme in modern gaming? How to consume lots of rules? Project Elite's future? Learning Dungeon Petz? Pandemic pre-Legacy? Music while gaming? Yspahan? D&D history? Season's theme? In the zone while at conventions? Most thematic Feld? Rosenberg? Kiesling? Knizia? How to theme dry euros? Dragonfire ranking? Dragonfire vs Gloomhaven? How much time does RRT take? No boardgames or no TV? More optimisitc in the podcast than the final thoughts? Seperate the art from the artist? Roverboat? Jen's glass art as chess set? Runthroughs from Malta still? Isle of Skye Journeyman?

•••[01:56:01] Personal Q&A►►►
Gloucester cheese roll? Saul vs Breaking bad? The push? Camper vanning? Awesome possum? Snacking while gaming? Fave clothing? Map of RRT viewers? Quiet time? Jen, why London? How handy are we? Local food recommendations? Jen's words of wisdom?

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