Sunday, 29 April 2018

RTT Episode #36

Is this the final RTT???
(spoiler alert: it isn't)


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•••[00:01:03] Games of Interest►►►
Barage, Underwater Cities, Railroad Revolution: Railroad Evolution, Santa Maria: American Kingdoms, Dragonfire: Moonshae Storms, Dale of Merchants Collection, Villages of Valeria: Landmarks, From Batavia, On Tour

•••[00:09:20] Top10 Scifi Revisit

•••[00:31:00] Game Q&A►►►
Fave boardgame content creators? Rahdo rolling back moves? Historical thematic impact? How to cull? Claustrophobia 2.0? Any grail games? Modern games in the 70's? What if Jen didn't like games? Accomplishments and regrets for RRT? Perfect podcast co-host? Rapid fire game association? Principled games? Advantages of RRT in the USA? Lighter games with my mom? Updates to the must-have list? Gaming convention in Uganda? What games need expansions? More minis, less gameplay? What TV show to be a game?

•••[01:17:42] Personal Q&A►►►
What shows are we watching these days? How to watch US TV abroad? Enjoying time away from RRT? Any tenant stories? Last Jedi thoughts? Jen's EQ past? Preferred RPG archetypes? Jen's words of wisdom for the month?

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