Sunday, 1 May 2016

RTT Episode #12

Final episode of the first year o' podcasting!

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•••[00:00:27] Games of Interest►►►
La Granja: No Siesta, Virus, Legends of Andor: the Last Hope, Codename: Pictures, Charterstone

•••[00:14:28] Top 10 Revisits►►►
Exploration & Solo games

•••[00:35:49] Dice Tower & GAMA Trip Report

•••[01:40:12] Q&A►►►
Fairness of big vs small publishers on Kickstarter? How do I learn rules & relearn so fast? Suburbia expansions? Jen's glass? Rahdo origin? Scientific skepticism? Star Trek Frontiers? 2p auction games? Boardgames for a videogame design class? Videogame design class assignments? TIME Stories? Laserdiscs? All things being equal, a boardgame or videogame design career? How can I make so many violent videogames yet be such a cardboard carebear? Game teaching? How to play against an experienced opponent? Can love of theme win out over player conflict? Potty mouth? Jen the shark?

•••[02:51:25] Q&A Personal Side►►►
Scientific skepticism part II? Hillary or Bernie? Fave songs?

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