Saturday, 11 June 2016

RTT Episode #13

2 weeks late, but hopefully worth the wait!

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•••[00:00:38] Games of Interest►►►
Pandemic: Iberia, Sagrada, Shakespeare: Backstage, Tavern's Tales, Shadowscape, Pioneer Days, Myth: Dark Frontier, Tiny Epic Galaxies: Beyond the Black, Perfect Crime, Order of the Guilded Compass, Fields of Green, Descent: Road to Legend, Rocky Road a la Mode, The Pirate Republic, Deus: Egypt, Tiny Epic Quest, Clank!

•••[00:30:52] Top 10 Mechanisms Revisited

•••[00:40:42] Q&A►►►
Hybridized RPGs? Original goals of RRT? Dice Tower Awards? LotR games? Kickstarter impact on FLGS's? Design my own game? Kingdom Builder expansions? Orleans Expansion setup? What makes a great rulebook? What would end RRT? Game age ratings? Pet related game disasters? Games for cats & dogs? Game calibration? Impact of game promos?

•••[02:03:21] Q&A Personal Side►►►
Living on a boat? Cat lover? Rightie or Leftie? Roller coasters? Top 20 TV Shows? Brexit?

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