Tuesday, 12 April 2016

RTT Episode #11

A very emotional podcast


2016 Rahdo Runs Through Kickstarter campaign:

•••[00:02:42] Q&A►►►
Lionhead closure? Seating position? Enough playthroughs to review? Certainty of atheist view?

•••[00:27:25] Taloula :(

•••[00:33:30] Q&A Continued►►►
Gaming with The Dice Tower? Dominion for carebears? Among the Stars expansions? My videogame job description? Where do I shoot? Opinion swap during runthroughs? How does Paulo work? How was Bend?

•••[01:18:03] Kickstarter update & More Taloula :(

•••[01:25:57] New Games of Interest►►►
Colony, Via Nebula, Attack on Titan: Deck Building Game, The Last Ruin, Tentacles of Time, Trashing Dice, Kingdom Builder Harvest, High Treason: The Trial of Louis Riel, Valley of the Kings: Last Rites

•••[01:38:12] Top10 Recaps►►►
Pickup & Deliver, Economic

•••[01:53:48] Kickstarter Contest!!

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  1. Just my two cents on the comments about atheism: Technically a career in science also fills the exact same sorts of human needs you were talking about: Community, sense of belonging, answers to big questions, etc. Obviously that doesn't mean that science is therefore a misleading or false endeavor. We probably shouldn't rule something out because of the psychological reasons why people believe that thing (the fallacy of doing that even has a name: it's called the Genetic Fallacy). I mean, I could have come to believe that the Earth goes around the Sun because I read it in a comic book or something. It's a terrible reason to believe something, but does that mean that my belief in the Earth going around the Sun is therefore false?? Obviously not.

    And, of course, the theist could turn the whole "human needs" argument around on the atheist if they wanted to, and say that most atheist thinkers who have published on the topic have made it clear that they are rebelling against authority, that no one is going to tell them how to live their life, they may have father issues or feelings of abandonment, etc etc; they often seem to have psychological issues of that sort. And so, the psychological argument can go just as well in either direction. So, why not just look at the evidence for and against God's existence, like we would for anything else?

    I would recommend watching any of the YouTube videos where William Lane Craig has given a list of arguments for God's existence. It's worth a cursory glance anyway, right? I find them interesting, even if some are more convincing than others.

    Anyway. Just my two cents. I really love your podcasts, and I enjoyed hearing your personal thoughts on this very deep and controversial matter. Keep up the awesome work!!

  2. And I am so so sorry about your loss. My in-laws went through something similar, and it was just devastating for them. I'm so sorry. I hope you find comfort.