Tuesday, 8 March 2016

RTT Episode #10


•••[00:01:03]New Games of Interest►►►

Airlines, Dice Stars, Oceanos, The Great Chariot Race,The Golden Sails, Bohemian Villages, COGS, Star Trek Panic, Great Western Trail, Terraforming Mars, Epic Resort Villain's Vacation, Catacombs and Castles, The Grizzled: At Your Orders, TIME Stories: Expedition Endurance, Mask of ANUBIS, Mystic Vale 

•••[00:18:20] Q&A►►►

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Jen's response to Freedom: Underground Railroad? Rahdo reckless record? Livestreaming everything? What comes after Malta? Dominion attack cards? Expanding light filler games? Asmodee retail channel changes? Fave music? Point salad vs sandbox? Game burnout? Grandma's Boy authenticity? Thoughts on game variants? Plans for the next RRT kickstarter? New Agricola? A new Spiel des Jahres category?

•••[02:00:30] Top10 Kickstarter Games Recap

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