Monday, 2 November 2015

RTT Episode #6

The Post Essen show!


•••What Have We Been Playing? (00:00:58)►►►
Broom Service, Fog of Love, Steam Ship Company, Nations the Dice Game expansion, Guilds of London, Fest Fur Odin, Hengist, Mysterium, [microfilms], Pandemic Legacy, 504

•••Q&A (00:31:55)►►►
Multiplayer solitaire? How do i channel my inner-Jen? Gender specific boardgames? Boardgame storage: vertical or horizontal? So, no kids for Rahdo & Jen? What's the secret to a happy marriage?

(please send your questions to but ask for game recommendations at

•••Essen Observations (01:13:12)►►►
Run Rahdo, run! Packing tips! Fist bumps! Jen's booth! Travel misadventures!

•••Top 10 Recap (01:29:00)►►►
Games that need an expansion

•••Wrapping it up (01:37:16)►►►
BGG.con is coming! Boardgame advent calendar!

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  1. Kudos on the excellent podcasts and reviews. And I love that you guys were willing to also talk about serious life issues, and to give your own reflections on things like having children and marriage. I'm looking forward to the next podcast!!

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  3. i think i forgot to mention it in this episode: :)