Monday, 28 September 2015

RTT Episode #5


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•••Owned and/or Already Ranthrough! (00:04:12)►►►
dominion adventures [rio grande games/brave new world], poseidon's kingdom [game salute], among the stars revival [artipia], ancient terrible things [feuerland spiele], and then we held hands [ludicreations], pocket imperium [ludicreations], aramini circus [iello], assualt on doomrock: doompocalypse [beautiful disaster games], automania [aporta games], burano [emperorS4 [tbd group], castles of mad king ludwig: secrets [bezier], favor of the pharaoh [bezier], catacombs [elzra [schwerkraft-verlag], tiny epic galaxies [gamelyn games [schwerkraft-verlag], the golden ages [stronghold/Schwerkraft-Verlag], space cadets: away missions [stronghold], city council deluxe edition [golden egg games], la granja [stronghold], prime time [golden egg games], rome: rise to power [golden egg games], project elite [artipia games], tesla v edison [artana], fleet commander *I WAS TALKING ABOUT HULL BREACH HERE* [capsicum games], exoplanets [board&dice/polish publishing league], cthulhu realms [ADC Blackfire], flip city [ADC blackfire], dungeon of fortune [ADC blackfire], harbour [frosted games], dice city [AEG], discoveries [ludonaute], eight epics [japon brand], minerva [japon brand], heroes [], isle of skye [lookout games], kemble's cascade [zman], letter tycoon [squirmy beast], loop inc [eagle gryphon], meteor [mayday games], stockpile [nauvoo games/mayday], mistfall [nskn], mysterium [libellud], new york 1901 [blue orange], rome: city of marble [r&r games], shakespeare [ystari], small city [LUDIKBAZAR], spirits of the rice paddy [APE games], steampark rally [roxley], super motherlode [roxley], suburbia 5* [bezier], the 7th Continent [serious poulp], the gallerist [eagle gryphon games], wharfside [eagle gryphon games], thrash n roll [game fabrica/polish publishing league], thunderbirds [modiphius], trambahn [lookout games], trickerion [mindclash]

•••Promos (01:02:47)►►►
rahdo runs through: sticker [ludicreations], town center: beune/turku [ludicreations], hanabi: bonus plattchen [abacusspiele], cacao: volcano tiles [abacusspiele], citrus: neue landscahftsplattchen (3 special power tiles) [dlp], keyflower: pig shelter [r&d], voyages of marco polo: 4 new characters +more [hans im gluck], 7 wonders duel: an extra wonder & ex-ludis [repos], carson city promo pack [quined], 504: poster/map) [stronghold [2f-spiele], Snowdonia: six new cards [suprised stare], front nine: new card [ragnar brothers stand], la granja: 6 new cards [stronghold/pd-verlag], heroes:4 monster cards [], shakespeare: prospero card [ystari], new york 1901: flatiron [blue orange games]

•••Demoable Only (01:10:23)►►►
alone [horrible games], cover me [jumping turtle games], exo [ion game design], apollo xiii [pendragon game studio], iki [utsuroi], mystery! motive for murder [mayfair], mysterium expansion [igames], fog of love [hush hush], morocco [eagle gryphon games], hope [morning players], guilds of london [surprised stare], ein fest fur oden [feureland spiele], the networks [formal ferret games], perdition's mouth [dragon dawn/arctic union], steam ship company [pd verlag], epoch: early inventors [emma]

•••To Buy or Not to Buy (01:34:20) from ►►►
chronicler [deinko games], poulettes [blue orange], celestia [blam/blackrock games], alien artifacts [trefl joker line], skyliners [hans im gluck/zman], operation kindergarten [ludicreations], they come unseen [osprey games], codenames [cge], lignum [mucke spiele], a game of gnomes [fragor games], la glace et le ciel [jeux opla], pollen [jeux opla], rattle battle grab the loot [portal games], theseus: dark orbit - hunters [portal], plus ultra: court of the emperor charles V [meridiano 6], ars universalis [meridiano 6 (no booth)], big book of madness [iello], champions of midgard [grey fox games], andromeda [galakta], cvlizations [granna], bretagne [post scriptum/placentia/demoela], bastion [hobby world], apocalypse chaos [zman], kune v lakia [ludicreations], dilluvia project [spielworxx], haithabu [spielworxx], food chain magnate [splotter spellen], castellion [zman], amphipolis [desyllas games], siggil [capsicum games], antarctica [argentum verlag], neanderthal [sierra madre games], steam time [kosmos], piratoons [blackrock games], ships [treefrog], carcassonne: star wars [hans im gluck], potion explosion [horrible games], time stories [space cowboys], vampire radar [japon brand], royal goods [osterreichisches spiele museum], expo 1906 [gotha games], stronghold 2nd edition [portal/stronghold], watson & holmes [ludonova], karuba [haba], haspelknecht [quined games], automobiles [AEG], russian railroads: german railroads [hans im gluck], galaxy trucker: missions [cge], tash-kalar: nethervoid [cge], council of four [cranio creations], samara [cwali], concordia: salsa [pd verlag], tides of time [portal [pegasus], steam works [tmg/adc blackfire], the bloody inn [pearl games], rokoko expansion [eggertspiele/pegasus], inhabit the earth [r&d games], odyssey: wrath of poseidon [ares games], carson city: horses & heroes [quined games], octodice [pegasus spiele], gold west [tasty minstrel games], aya [Act In Games], the prodigals club [cge], mombasa [eggerspiele/r&r], 504 [stronghold & 2f spiele], brettspiele adventskalender 2015 [frosted games], adventure land [haba], my village [eggertspiele], peloponnes card game [irongames], orleans: invasions [dlp], grand austria hotel [lookout games], hengist [lookout games], simurgh [nskn], 7 wonders: duel [repos], Signorie [what's your game], nippon [what's your game], porta nigra [gigamic [stronghold [eggertspiele], pursuit of happiness [artipia games], nations: dynasties [lautapelit], artifacts inc [red raven], Legend of Andor [Chada & Thorn [kosmos], roll for the galaxy ambition [rio grande/brave new world], pandemic legacy [zman]

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