Tuesday, 1 September 2015

RTT Episode #4



•••What Have We Been Playing? (00:00:40)►►►
prime time, the networks

•••Games of Interest (00:10:13)►►►
nations dynasties, galaxy trucker missions, russian railroads german railroads, theseus hunters, automobiles, lunarchitects, burano, peloponnes card game, runebound 3rd edition, fury of dracula 3rd edition, warhammer quest the card game,pursuit of happiness, inhabit the earth, treasure hunter, dingo's dreams, brettspiel adventskalendar, aya, grand austria hotel, hengist, morocco, adventure land

•••Q&A (00:41:40)►►►
underrated game designers, rare game finds, the peter molyneux of boardgames, my top10, ethical content in boardgames, prototypes, the movies, real life runthroughs, more prototypes, dice tower overlap, playtesting

•••Top 10 Recaps (01:18:30)►►►
must have games, interaction without violence

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