Monday, 27 July 2015

RTT Episode #3



•••What to buy at Gencon 2015? (00:03:26)►►►
apocalypse chaos, ryu, catan traveler edition, meteor, champions of midgard, star trek 5 year mission, medieval academy, flick em up, one deck dungeon, space cadets away missions, extra extra, lanterns: the harvest festival, princess bride games, wrath of dragons, tragedy looper midnight circle, steam works, dungeon of fortune, nefarious, welcome to the dungeon, king's armory, fidelitas, among the stars revival, new york 1901, suburbia 5*, eminent domain microcosm, the grizzled, codenames, gold west, heroes wanted stuff of legend, rattle battle grab the loot, cthulhu realms, shadowrift archfiends, stockpile, trambahn, valley of kings afterlife, isle of skye, spirits of the rice paddy, kraftwagen, mottainai, artifacts inc, mysterium, tides of time, viceroy, queen's architect, la granja

•••What to demo at Gencon 2015? (01:49:06)►►►
poseidon's kingdom, fury of dracula, castles of mad king ludwig secrets, castle panic dark titan, tumult royal, steam time, looting atlantis, darkrock ventures, favour of the pharoah, trickerion, the networks, shadow over westminster, extraordinary voyages, consequential, 1001 odysseys, storm hollow, snow tails, attack on titan, ninja camp, spirit island, fuse, odyssey wrath of posdeidon, mistfall, lunarchitects, thunderbirds, legends of andor, dice city, above & below, roll for the galaxy ambition, gloomhaven

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