Saturday, 4 July 2015

RTT Episode #2

Too many new games! Questions (plus) Answers! Engine building games broken down!


•••What Have We've Been Playing? (00:01:40)►►►
Elysium, Voyages of Marco Polo, Specter Ops, Cthulhu Realms, Flip City, Dungeon of Fortune, Bottlecap Vikings

•••Games of Interest (01:09:55)►►►
Legends of Andor: Chada & Thorn, The Loser's Club, Unnamed Castles of Burgundy Sequel, Council of Four, Rattle Battle Grab the Loot, Dice City, Shadowrift 2nd Edition, Legacy Time Surge, Shadowrun Crossfire High Caliber Ops, Villages of Valeria, Minerva, Shakespeare, Apollo XIII, Octo Dice

•••Q&A (01:40:02)►►►
How often do we play games? Do we ever play "mean" games? Do we miss playing with more than 2? Am I going to design my own game? Would I take a prototype to a publisher or Kickstarter? How does the boardgame industry compare to the videogame industry?  How did you relocate from the US to Malta?  More questions? Send your fragen to!

•••Top 10 Revisited (02:16:35)►►►
Engine building games! Original top10 video:

•••Direct MP3 link:

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