Saturday, 19 December 2015

RTT Episode #7

Post BGG.con Show!


My BGG.con Runthrough Video:

•••[00:01:37] Travel Stories, part I►►►
Dallas via Moscow

•••[00:12:13] Games!►►►
Roller Derby Final Jams ( and the five Action Phase Prototypes

•••[00:18:24] Pandemic Legacy stuff►►►
(my variant thread:,

•••[00:25:31] Pandemic Secret Project
•••[00:28:08] Seafall
•••[00:36:06] Chronicles: Origins

•••[00:50:00] Travel Stories, part II►►►
First spot of trouble

•••[00:51:00] More Games ►►►
HIDE, Skyliners, Fuse, 9th World: Numenera, Quadropolis, The Opulent, (Movie Making game - can't remember name)

•••[01:14:36] The lovely people of BGG.con

•••[01:25:05] Travel Stories, part III►►►
Getting to Mom's

•••[01:29:47] Online Guest Appearances►►►

•••[01:31:10] Even more games!►►►
Noblemen, Pagoda, Abyss

•••[01:40:51] Travel Stories, Part IV►►►
Leaving Mom's

•••[01:45:20] Final games►►►
Between Two Cities, Flick 'Em Up, Codenames

•••[01:55:11] Travel Stories, Part V►►►
Getting to New York, Saturday Night Live - live!, 36+ of travel hell

•••Direct MP3 link:

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