Friday, 6 December 2019

RTT Episode 55

Longest episode evar!!!


•••[00:01:10] Top 10 Revisits►►►
Sim City, Tippity Top 10

•••[00:18:05] Game Q&A►►►
BGG mechanisms revamp? BGG convention preview games lists? Standard boardgame rules template? Altiplano expansion? When/why do I use house rules? Tapestry embargo? Rahdo video stats? What publishers to approach? Pronunciation of Peloponnes? Updating games ratings based on expansions? How to judge a game based on the rules without seeing the cards? Standard Rahdo rejection letter? Why not Feudum? Walnut Grove alternative? How to get a paying job in the boardgame industry? Playing open hand in co-ops? On Mars & others in the top10 for 2019? How are the new Rahdo segments for 2019 going so far? How to know which games I passed on covering? Where's my wishlist? Solo vs 2p runthroughs? Chatting with folks in boardgame stores? Snowdonia, Foothills or Alubari? How often do I accidentally say yes to games that turn out to be crap? Best design techniques? Euros that let you be creative? Ideal boardgame designer dinner party? First review copy I received? Why no boardgame rentals? Why did my top10 not change much after 5 years? Gloomhaven campaign ending thoughts? How does Paulo do it? 

•••[02:20:15] Game Q&A w/Jen►►►
Mechanisms falling out of favor for us? What boardgame tech advances can't we wait for? Offensive boardgame theme treatment? Have games ever made us mad at each other? Best online boardgame community? Which one game to save from burning building? Why's Jen not in more videos? Podcasts we listen to? What's the deal with grains of salt in paid previews? Oathsworn? Why did Tapestry drop? How in sync are Jen and I regarding game tastes? Do I still buy games? Do we keep any games even though one of us doesn't care for it? Who's the bigger sore loser? How to help people learn games? Thoughts on BGG's new look? Project Shrinko and P&P thoughts? Which Pandemic to start with? Judging games based on random factors? Nostalgia factor in rating games? Tom Lehmann co-host? Re-experiencing games for first time preference? Bloom Town vs Quadropolis as gateway? What would a Backyard Chicken boardgame be like? RRT time off? Ultimate gaming room? Review Q's before giving A's? Escape room experiences/thoughts? What one game to super-deluxify? What if I had been introduced to modern boardgames in highschool? Ever guest lecture? Robotized boardgame components? How to downsize while getting good value?

•••[03:52:40] Personal Q&A►►►
Creative outlets outside of gaming? Evern been to SE USA? Hitchcock movies? Radiohead? Late night shows? States we'd like to visit? Celeb 'free pass' list? Geocaching background? Pups post move? Rainy PNW adjustment? Jen & booktube? Jen and me and "the small window"? Ever going back to the videogame industry? Do Jen and I still surprise each other? Big Mouth (the show)? Bucket list? What do we love most about each other? Moving plans in the future? Mystery Science Theater 3000? Jen's tea pantry? Jen's investment approach? Jen on Goodreads? Jen's preferred reading? The Mandalorian? Intermittent fasting? Following current politics? RRT funds backing other shows?

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