Thursday, 7 November 2019

RTT Episode #54

Soooo many Q's, only time to A


•••[00:01:25] Game Q&A►►►
Ads on my channel? Light speed variant for Space Base? Where do prototypes go? Playing the badguy in games? What does my Mom think of RRT? What games does my Mom enjoy playing? Return of the Rosenberg Shackles? Different gaming partner than Jen? Spousal gateway? Game rating shifts? Forgot Odin? How to deal with trolls? Returning to Blue Highway? PAX West? How to handle Essen Spiel? Timing of Gencon/Essen preview podcasts? Rating hole? Viticulture thematic consistency? Teburu thoughts? Game regrets? Why listen to trolls? Underestimating final thoughts? Why is Endeavor attacking okay? Letter Jam less than ideal with 2? Kennerspiel committee intent? Ultimate Aliens boardgame? Heavier roll & writes? Best things about roll & writes? List of 

•••[02:24:35] Personal Q&A►►►
What job after RRT? What are we most proud of? How'd Jen like Blown Away? Our fave movies? Malta in the spring or fall? War movies? Memorial sites visited? Troll tips? Burano vs Tubingen? Visited southern Germany? Should JK Rowling stop with the new Potterverse stuff? How do we eat 50 eggs a week? What's with the intermezzo tunes? Rick & Morty? What's Jen's fave glass creation? Can Jen make a Klein bottle? Any podcasts questions too trolly? Jen's fave recent books? No sports we're interested in? Missing Malta? Madalorian? Take a few months off RRT? Playtesting in boardgame vs videogame industries? How's it going with mom? Fist fights? Tattoos? Cringey moments? Rare Earth? How do I RSS the podcast? Dark Crystal show? Going to BGG in Dallas? Jen's wisdom of the month? Infinity War vs Endgame?

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