Saturday, 17 November 2018

RTT Episode #42

Better late than never! :)


•••[00:01:25] Recent Top 10 Revisits►►►
Fantasy, BGG disagreements and OOPs alternatives

•••[00:25:03] Gaming Q&A►►►
What do BGG rankings reflect? Attic storage? Would I work for BGG? How should BGG entries be written? How do we deal with sudden game endings? How do we sit at the table? How do we orient the board? Old school game aesthetics? Boardgame industry trends? 2017 top10 of the year update? Budget games? Losing boardgame passion? Most diverse designer? Games we love in spite of being terrible at them? What should get Legacy'd? Epic boardgaming moments? Hidden gems? Concordia expansions? Do I roleplay as Jen during videos? How do I choose what gets rundown vs run through? Trickerion ranking? Does Jen offer pro-tips? Rating games we get rid of? Game sommilier? This year's Essen crop a letdown? What games do we keep? "1 in / 1 out"? Claustrophobia KS campaign observation? Big turn games? Best player boards? Best scifi? Hate drafting? Do publishers help find rules goofs? Do I re-record runthroughs? Essen crop a letdown, part II? Is my recording studio done?

•••[01:59:55] Personal Q&A►►►
Chickens in the states? British accent? Jen's nickname for me? What were we happy and unhappy to return to in the states? What do we miss most about Malta? Top 3 vaction destinations? What do Jen and I have in common and how are we different? How does this improve our relationship? Any jigsaw puzzle love? Where do we still need to go in Europe? Projector advice? Best thing about the states, part VII? What character would we choose to be in any show? Best things to do in PNW? Updated thoughts about political landscape int he states? What have we done for health insurance?  Climate change? Do we give each other boardgames for Xmas? What are we doing for Xmas this year? Jen's wisdom of the month?

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