Monday, 22 October 2018

RTT Episode #41

Essen Spiel 2018 is this week!


•••[00:02:02] Top 10 Most Anticipated Games►►►
Teotihuacan, Underwater Cities, Carpe Diem, Coimbra, Between 2 Castles of  Mad King Ludwig, Gugong, Key Flow, Blackout: Hong Kong, Forum Trajanum, Pandemic Fall of Rome

•••[00:18:10] 85 More Games!!!►►►
Jungli-La, Wok Star, Big Dig, Moorea, Cosmic Factor, Okavango, Great City of Rome, Sengal-senggol Gang Damai, Honga, Ruthless, Legendary Encounters X-Files, Dicium, Catalyst, Now Boarding, Claim Kingdoms, Hardback, Deckscape, Skylands, Pandemic 10th Anniversary Edition, Fugitive, Chronicles of Frost, Fog of Love, Spring Meadow, Tribes, Paper Tales, Sunflower Valley, Factory Funner, Tales of Glory, Roll for Adventure, Scorpius Freighter, Fine Sand, Roll to the Top, Carson City Card Game, Tramways Engineers Workbook, Rolling Ranch, Forgotten City, Stone Age Jubilee Edition, Hokkaido, Gingerbread House, Crisis at Steamfall, The Boldest, Walking in Burano, Smartphone Inc, Cerbria Card Game, Steamrollers, Thief's Fortune, Spy Club, Passing Through Petra, Shadows: Amsterdam, Futuropia, Discovery: Era of Voyage, Manitoba, Scarabya, Kanban 2nd Edition, Reef, Arraial, Valparaiso, Planet, A4 Quest, Fertility, Realm of Sand, Orbis, Captains of the Gulf, Firenze, Fuji, Robin Hood and the Merry Men, Magnastorm, Escape Tales, CO2: Second Chance, Railroad Ink, Solenia, Blue Lagoon, Prehistory, Brass Birmingham & Lancashire, Holding On, Treasure Island, Endeavor: Age of Sail, Dice Settlers, The River, Reykholt, Newton, Chronicles of Crime, Everdell, Detective: Modern Crime, Architects of the West Kingdom

•••[01:33:10] Expansions for 35 games►►►
Santa Maria, Field of Green, Kitchen Rush, Tramways, Welcome To, Space Race, Paper Tales, Chronicles of Crime, Factory Funner, Roll to the Top, Altiplano, Great Western Trail, The Networks, This War of Mine, First Class, Fog of Love, Legend of Andor, Dixit, Agricola, Caverna, Isle of Skye, Dice Town, Reef, Chronicles of Frost, Lost Expedition, Tybor the Builder, Concordia, Merlin, Skylands, Keyflower, El Dorado, K2, Clank, 7 Wonders, Forum Trajanum

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