Friday, 14 December 2018

RTT Episode #43

Rahdo Rants Through!


•••[00:3:00] Gaming Q&A►►►
Kids! King Vlaada! Earlier Essen preview? Teotihuacan inspiration? BGG game description critique? How much dice is too much dice? Street Masters & Solomon Kane? Why isn't Escape too light? Dream home variant! BGG meets Boxofficemojo? Robin Hood and the Merry Men? Player aids? Separate solo rules? Reprints too deluxified? Designers phoning it in? Re-seeking gone games? Tainted Grail deets? Groundhog gaming? Crazy rahdo days? Jen feels the pressure? Santa Maria's theme? Game publisher vision? Boardgame pessimism? Series boardgame rules?

•••[01:17:50] Personal Q&A►►►
Studio Ghibli? Immigration rant alienating audience? Syphonfilter PS1 Classic? Family blacksheep? Fave dog breeds? Jen's fave cocktails? Jen's words of wisdom!

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