Friday, 5 January 2018

RTT Episode #32

Happy New Year! Remember, no matter where you go... there you are :)


2018 Geeklist:

•••[00:00:45] 2018 Games of Interest►►►
(games mentioned in previous podcasts), (games getting reprinted/updated),  (games I've already run through), (expansions), Castell, Curio, Dark Souls Card Game, Gandhi, Good Dog Bad Zombie, King's Watch, Lucky's Misadventures, Maiden's Quest, Palm Island, Reavers of Midgard, Reykholt, Safe House, Seize the Bean, Tiny Epic (unannounced), Vadoran Gardens

•••[00:27:10] Top 10 Revist►►►
2017, Not Filming, Gateways, Next Steps

•••[00:56:55] Game Q&A►►►
Dungeon Pets Lite? Memorable Essen? Essen food & evenings? Weekly Rahdo Youtube Hangout? Up and coming boardgame dev scenes?  Games I want to play just once? Relationships with designers? How do I teach games to Jen? What happened with the Henry table raffle? Thanksgiving in Malta (oops, personal question slipped in)? Older games getting shortchanged? Aeon's End Legacy? Updated Gloomhaven thoughts? Impact of my Final Thoughts on developers? Top games on a plane? Post Pandemic? Agricola Revised Edition?

•••[01:33:40] Personal Q&A►►►
Jen's glass pricing? Us in 5 years? Non Trek TV Scifi? Metric system? Proust questionnaire? 

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