Monday, 20 November 2017

RTT Episode #31

A slow post Essen month...


•••[00:02:25] Games Q&A►►►
Lunch time games at my last job? High rank but low play count for Troyes? Mystery K&K game? Randomness in Feast for Odin? Starting Pandemic Legacy 2 with a new group? Tikal vs Explorers of the North Sea? AP cure? Best and worst things about Essen Spiel? How can carebears enjoy drafting? Regrettable game sales?

•••[00:54:30] Non-Games Q&A►►►
What's a Xwejni? Starting a new chapter in life on ETSY? Star Trek Discovery? Star Trek Continues? What is Star Trek? Videogame crunch? Jen's parting words of wisdom?

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