Wednesday, 31 August 2016

RTT Episode #16



•••[00:02:26] Game/RTT Questions►►►
Rahdo-designed boardgame? More advent calendar/Malta travelogue vids? Kickstarter preferential treatment? Conflict vs game harshness? Voters override me? Revising older games? Top 5 games that need more thumbs? KS stretch goals on the up and up? Oldie game-day? Will we be Essen 2016?

•••[00:31:22] Non-Game/RTT Questions►►►
What's it like being a videogame designer? Jen's aversion to guns in games? Fave ice cream? "If money was no object...?" Fave weather? Jen's key to business success? Best book/fave author? Ever heading to China? Survivor fan chat? Jen's childhood? Top places visited? Top places yet to be visited? Excited about visiting Portugal? Most impactful recent book? Jen's fave color of glass to work? Who's best at (various things) - me or Jen? Brexit & RRT? Why did I retire from making games? Thoughts on No Man's Sky? Best places to eat in downtown Seattle? Pokemon GO? Are games a worthwhile endeavor? How's the pup search going? Ever fostered dogs?

•••[01:56:03] Repeat Questions from Podcast 14►►►
Rulebook rules? Total RRT playtime? Eurotrash? Ever change my mind? What themes are over/under represented? Sexy mini's? In-jokes in boardgames? LeiriaCon 2017? Do oldies hold up? The Rahdo Effect? Production values of RRT vs WIP? Best and worst things about doing RRT? Best historical time period? Best example of some game genres? Ranking obsession? Ranking validity? Game obsession post RRT? Games Jen likes more than me? Boardgame journalism ethics? Top 10 topics?

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  1. In the beginning of the podcast you mentioned that you did a travel log around Malta. My Google-Fu is failing me and I can't find that video anywhere. Could I possibly get a link to that? Thanks!

    1. hi, that would be the advent calendar runthrough i did last year. here's a playlist:

      the first several are just filmed in our apartment, but starting at around 6 or 7, we started going out and about...

    2. actually i just checked ... it was day 12 we started getting out and about :)

    3. Awesome, thanks! That was very entertaining. I hope you decide to do something like that again. I'm very fascinated by Malta.