Saturday, 30 July 2016

RTT Episode #15



W Eric Martin's excellent preview geeklist:

•••[00:04:30] What to buy?►►►
Goons of New York 1901, Lotus, Medici, Grimslingers, America, Welcome Back to the Dungeon, IKI, Karuba, RA, Telsa V Edison: Powering Up, Burano, Guilds of London, Great Dinosaur Rush, Saloon Tycoon, Valley of the Kings: Last Rights, Dreamwell, Arcane Academy, Bill & Ted's Excellent Boardgame, Agility, In the Name of Odin, Mysterium Hidden Signs, The King's Abbey, Sunrise City: Nights, Terraforming Mars, Codenames: Pictures, Simurgh, Oceanos, Fantahzee: Hordes & Heroes, Shakespeare: Backstage, Epic Resort: Villain's Vacation, Millennium Blades: Promo Pack #2, Legends of Andor: Call of the Skralls, Clank!, Beyond Baker Street, Mansions of Madness: Second Edition, Via Nebula, Kraftwagen V6, Pursuit of Happiness, Dominion Empires, London Dread, Islebound, Rattle Battle Grab the Loot: Angry Ocean, Vast: The Crystal Caverns, Covert, The Goonies Adventure Card Game, Harry Potter Hogwarts Battle, Project: Elite & Adrenaline, Order of the Gilded Compass, Castles of Burgundy The Card Game, The Networks, Mystic Vale, Pandemic: Reign of Cthulhu

•••[01:54:25] What to demo?►►►
Mint Works, Loony Quest, Conan, Defense Grid: The Board Game, Born to Serve, One Deck Dungeon, Showtime!, The Ninth World, StarFall, Museum, 1001 Odysseys, Haspelknecht, Dream Home, The Kings Abbey: Lethal Steel, Motion Pictures, Coldwater Crown, Legendary Inventors, Medici: The Card Game, Lunarchitects, Crisis, Fugitive, Shadowrift, Spirit Island, 4 Gods, Tiny Epic Galaxies: Beyond the Black, Tiny Epic Quest, Sagrada, Alchemists: Golem Expansion, Legends of Andor: Journey to the North, Attack on Titan: Deck Building Game, Apocrypha Adventure Card Game, Manhattan Project: Energy Empire, Rising 5: Runes of Asteros, Colony, Black Orchestra, The Walking Dead: No Sanctuary, The Stygian Society, Gloomhaven

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