Tuesday, 4 June 2019

RTT Episode #49

A bit short...


•••[00:02:17] Games of Interest►►►
Streets, Crystal Palace, Big Book of Madness: The Vth Element, Dice Throne Adventures, Etherfields, Legacies, Lorenzo Il Magnifico: The Card Game, Merlin: Knights of the Round Table, Natsumemo, On the Underground: London/Berlin, Pandemic: Rapid Response, Terra Mystica: Merchants of the Seas, Trismegistus: The Ultimate Formula, Yedo: Deluxe Edition, The Isle of Cats

•••[00:18:38] Gaming Q&A►►►
Best part of gaming? Res Arcana not too cutthroat? 3 words to describe gaming in 2018? Queensdale rating? # of plays before runthrough? Final thoughts during play? Jen's impact on final thoughts? Noting final thoughts? Thoughts between play and final thoughts? Rahdo revisits? Playing cutthroat in runthroughs? Engine building definition? Thoughts on Rodney's paid preview thought piece? Year of the Dragon shackles? Need to win? Video stats? Engine downtime? Neta Tanka vs Manitoba re: cultural appropriation? Customizable dice?

•••[01:09:16] Personal Q&A►►►
Moving internationally with dogs? What to cut if White Album is a single LP? What does Jen grow in her garden? How are the new chickens? How'd I celebrate the big 5-0? Any more gaming convention plans for 2019? Game of Thrones final season thoughts?

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Wednesday, 8 May 2019

RTT Episode #48

Just a normal episode! :)


•••[00:00:31] Games of Interest►►►
Age of Dirt, Xi'an Presitge, A Fistful of Meeples, Coralia, Fast Sloths, Pact, Ecos: First Continent, Endeavor: Age of Expansion, Marquesas, Search for Planet X, Unlock! Timeless Adventures, Clinic Deluxe Edition

•••[00:15:15] Top 10 Revisits►►►
2018, Game Artists

•••[00:41:20] Gaming Q&A►►►
Colonialism theme in boardgaming? Retheme challenge! Unplayed games from Malta? Where are the euros? Games to play post-RRT? BGG subscriptions? Games named after places? Pubs more or less likely to send review copies in the States? Why keep games we can never play? Fave games by continent? Best Agricola expansions? Jen's dream Tolkien boardgame? Jen's design for a glass making game? Boardgame dirty laundry? Train by Brenda Romero? Rahdo interns? Coimbra vs Notre Dame? Tabletop Day? Dixit? Networks? Anything need to disappear from boardgaming? What generates most excitement for a new game? The art of Ania Kryczkowska?

•••[01:46:44] Personal Q&A►►►
Do Jen and I watch shows together? What new shows have both Jen and I enjoyed? Care bear player enjoying violence in other media? How can I actually like Glengarry Glen Ross? Other real life superheroes besides Stan Lee? Malta vacation tips? Details about our 20th anniversary catamaran trip? Black Sails? Murano tips? Limoncello? Retirement in Malta? Fave spots in Italy? Maltese fish markets? Sustainability in boardgaming? How to prioritize media? Jen's monthly words of wisdom?

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Thursday, 4 April 2019

RTT Episode #47

Year 8 announcement!!!


•••[00:01:44] Games of Interest►►►
Altar Quest, Dice Quest, Floor Plan, Key Market, Lanterns Dice: Lights in the Sky, Bruxelles 1897, Hamlet, Dungeon Academy, Dead Reckoning, Letter Jam, Maracaibo, Margraves of Valeria, Namiji, Running Quest: Sould Raiders, Save the Meeples, Starlight, Sanctum, Trouble in Templetown, Underwater Cities: Expansion, Venice, Villages of Valeria: Landmarks & Architects

•••[00:27:33] Top 10 Revisits►►►
Uwe Rosenberg

•••[00:49:12] Gaming Q&A►►►
Burgundy Expansions? Reprints? Overlooked games? Tile drafting games? How do I make my lists? Paladins of the West Kingdom solo? Marvel Comics universe reboot? (oops, personal one slipped in there) Hottest recent designer? Revisiting games leading to enjoying more or less? No Rahdo Twitter engagement? Protections for designers in game industry? Expansions make game weaker? Martin Wallace/EGG? Story games? What's best about expansions? 3D printers vs Kickstarter? Art vs Artist? Game designer vs developer? Game  suggestions? Repetitive strategies? Fox in the Forest? Will I design a game? Ant Lab Games? One size fits all games? Jen's preferred games? Games as art lead to no fun? Too kind to games? Gaming Rules vs Watch it Played? Least fave podcast question? Was Vasel right about Moorea? How good is Roll for the Galaxy Rivalry? Dragonfire gets a ranking? Feast for Odin expansion? Background music for games? The rise of co-ops? Choose your own adventure books? Brass Birmingham ranking? Roll Player vs Concordia vs Loyang? Does game "take that" alter real brain patterns? Rahdo fatigue? Rahdo final thoughts? Aeon End ideal play order? Snowdonia still stand up? Am I running through faster? Do I beat myself up IRL? Rahdo subtitles?

•••[02:28:14] Personal Q&A►►►
Catch 22 tv series? Rahdo in Austin? Jen hesitant to get into gaming? Playing more group games in hte states? Turning 50? Spiderman One More Day? Secret Wars 3? Married too young? Situationally famous? Beatles board game? Jen's take on Wizarding World theme park? One one ethnicity's food forever? Mountain climbing worthwhile? Tour our new surroundings? Fish truck? Thundaar's pterodactyl? Our finances? What do we miss from Europe? Lab grown meat? Our Planet miniseries? Who does Jen want to be in Harry Potter-verse? My preferred nickname? Into the Spider Verse? Binge watch TV or weekly watch? Food we missed in Malta that we can have now? Puppy advice?

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Tuesday, 5 March 2019

RTT Episode #46

On the eve of Dice Tower Con West...

RTT music thread:

Last Jedi thread:


•••[00:01:13] Games of Interest►►►
Euphoria: Ignorance is Bliss, Foothills, Jodhpur, Ankhor, Menestrels, Bloom, Project Elite - Zombicide Invader Crossover Set, Sushi Roll, The Captain is Dead: Dangerous Planet, Pursuit of Happiness: Experiences, Welcome Too... variant boards, Quest of El Dorado: Golden Temples, TIME Stories Revolution: Midsummer Night, Deadly Doodles, Newdale, Darwinauts, Kingdom Rush: Rift in Time, Atelier: Painter's Studio, Cooper Island, Quirky Circuits, Agricola: Corbarius Deck, Lorenzo il magnifico: Pazzi Conspiracy, Valley of the King: Premium Edition, Valeria: Card Kingdoms - Crimson Seas, Watergate

•••[00:21:54] Top 10 Revisits►►►
Drafting games, one hit wonders

•••[00:39:26] Gaming Q&A►►►
Top 5 or next 15? Expansion coverage? Theme vs setting? Retirement games? Theme music usage? "Rahdo approved"? Kickstarter to retail? Sending games in a time machine? 3d printer future in boardgaming? Wingspan take that? ET gaming? House variants? Similarities between boardgame and videogame industries? Rahdo journal?

•••[01:18:32] Personal Q&A►►►
Meaningful books from our childhood? Fave bands growing up? Last Jedi manifesto? Comic books? Wrestling? Changing history? Vegetarian? Videogame dev stories? Adjusting to winter? Jen's words of wisdom?

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Monday, 4 February 2019

RTT Episode #45

More games, more rants! :)


•••[00:01:10] Games of Interest►►►
Gloomhaven: Forgotten Circles, Beyond Humanity: Colonies, Roll for the Galaxy: Rivalry, Lord of the Rings: Journeys in Middle-earth, Copenhagen, Tavern of the Deep Valley, Dungeonology: The Expedition, Dunaia: The Prophecy, Aeon's End: New Age, Pret-a-Porter, Harbour: High Tide, Luxor: The Mummy's Curse, Suburbia: Collector's Edition, Silver & Gold, The City: The Expanded City, Teotihuacan: Late Preclassic Period, Agemonia, Xingu, Century: A New World, Hadara, The Castles of Burgundy (Royal Edition), Era: Medieval Age, Corinth, Imperial Settlers: Roll & Write, Kingsburg: The Dice Game

•••[00:35:50] Gaming Q&A►►►
People's choice top 10? Untouched boardgame genres? Any topics that should be off limit for boardgames? Boardgame industry's cultural insensitivity? Does runthrough style translate to better game teaching IRL? The 'teach'? Andor's roll to resolve? Boardgaming close to mainstream? How to find my list of co-op games? My biggest rules blunder? Rules mega thread issue? Did Martin Wallace really work on Wildlands & Hit Z Road? Gnomopolis? Has Energy Empire held up? Thematic euros? Why Dungeon Petz but not Carnival of Monsters? Better for equal representation at the cost of historical accuracy? Boardgame burn out? Handing RRT over to someone else upon retirement? Reshooting early runthroughs? Ragusa runthrough? Top sandbox games? Easier to houserule 2p into a 3p minimum game, or meanness out of a take take that game? Our houserules? Opinionated Gamer's peak rating article? Best way to move boardgames? Rodney Smith's hype videos? Rewatching old runthroughs? Continuing runthroughs once the camera stops? What games do I wish I'd kept? Best expansion for Elder Sign? Any genres Jen or I dominate? Updating top10 co-ops? Rahdo at Essen Spiel 2019?

•••[02:23:00] Personal Q&A►►►
Most signficant changes to USA in our absence? My high pitched voice? Vasectomy story? How did we end up in Malta? BBC nature documentaries? Christmas tree & decorations? Syphon Filter influenced by Metal Gear Solid? How do we weather tough times in our marriage? Gaming with Mom? Fave childhood TV shows? Did Syphon Filter meet original vision? Any recent videogames we've enjoyed? Prevalence of open world videogames? Any snow since we've been back? Free to air TV? Renting the UK house? Why is Jen coming to UK? Bandersnatch? Jen's words of wisdom?

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Thursday, 3 January 2019

RTT Episode #44

Anticipation, 2019-style!


•••[00:01:45] 45 Games of Interest!!►►►
Adventure Games series, Carnival of Monsters, Carnival Zombie, Cartographers: A Roll Player Tale, Chocolate Facotry, Chocolatiers, Circadians: First Light, Coloma, Sierra West, Cosmic Run: Mining Colony, Dawn of Mankind, Deckscape: Behind the Curtain, Dice Upon a Time, Egizia: Shifting Sands Edition, F.L.O.W., Humboldt's Great Voyage, Inhuman Conditions, Strange & Norrell: the Boardgame, Kingswood, Legend Raiders, Metal Gear Solid: The Board Game, No Dawn, The One Hundred Torii, Outlaws In A Strange Land, Patchwork Doodle, Second Chance, Perseverance: Castaway Chronicles, Quantified, Quodd Heroes, Ragusa, Res Arcana, Revolution of 1828, Roam, Scotland Yard: Das Wurfelspiel, Seventh Cross, Snowdonia: Deluxe Master Set, Solomon Kane, Space Gate Odyssey, Space Race, Tang Garden, Tiny Towns, Vampire: The Masquerade - Heritage, Victorian Masterminds, Villagers, Yinzi: Shining Ming Dynasty

•••[01:31:05] Expansions of Interest & Already Filmed Games of Interest►►►
Barenpark: Die Grizzlies sind los!, Dice Forge: Rebellion, Dungeon Alliance: Champions, Homesteaders: New Beginnings, Manhattan Project: Energy Empire - Cold War, Mystic Vale: Harmony, Railways of Portugal, Roll Player: Fiends & Familiars, TIME Stories Madam & Hadal Project, Thunderstone Quest: Barricades and What Lives Beneath, Zhanguo Expansion, Madeirs Expansion, Railroad Revolution: Railroad Evolution

The Crusoe Crew, Detective: City of Angels, Diceborn Heroes, Domination: Road to Civilization, Dreamscape, Exploriana, Heroes of Tenefyr, Incoming Transmission, Kung Fu Panda: The Board Game, Museum, Neta-Tanka, Seize the Bean, Sorcerer City, Stygian Society, Vadoran Gardens, Welcome to DinoWorld

•••[01:55:12] Top 25 Games of Interest►►►
Steamopolis, Imperial Century, Roll Player Adventures, Rome and Roll, Grim Heroes, Paladins of the West Kingdom, Aerion, Sarah's Vision, The Ancient World 2nd Edition, Dale of Merchants Collection, Edge of Darkness, On Tour, La Stanza, Artificial Intelligence, Alubari: A Nice Cup of Tea, On Mars, Comanauts, Wingspan, Project: ELITE, Sleeping Gods, Aeon's End: Legacy, Clank! Legacy: Acquisitions Incorporated, Machi Koro Legacy, Glen More II: Chronicles, Black Angel

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Friday, 14 December 2018

RTT Episode #43

Rahdo Rants Through!


•••[00:3:00] Gaming Q&A►►►
Kids! King Vlaada! Earlier Essen preview? Teotihuacan inspiration? BGG game description critique? How much dice is too much dice? Street Masters & Solomon Kane? Why isn't Escape too light? Dream home variant! BGG meets Boxofficemojo? Robin Hood and the Merry Men? Player aids? Separate solo rules? Reprints too deluxified? Designers phoning it in? Re-seeking gone games? Tainted Grail deets? Groundhog gaming? Crazy rahdo days? Jen feels the pressure? Santa Maria's theme? Game publisher vision? Boardgame pessimism? Series boardgame rules?

•••[01:17:50] Personal Q&A►►►
Studio Ghibli? Immigration rant alienating audience? Syphonfilter PS1 Classic? Family blacksheep? Fave dog breeds? Jen's fave cocktails? Jen's words of wisdom!

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