Saturday, 4 April 2020

RTT Episode 59

Warning: buttons will be pushed!


•••[00:00:28] Games Q&A►►►
Making regular games soloable? The future of deckbuilding? Themes Jen doesn't like? How to help Rahdo Run Through? Rahdo requests? Emotionally touching games? Designing new mechanisms? Games about dreams? Branching out? How do I learn games? A day in the life of Rahdo? The three types of carebear? GAMA during corona? Using theme to teach games? Organizing game components? Rahdo promos? Justifying Pandemic thematically? Why don't I rate Orleans higher?n Abyss vs Conspiracy: Abyss? How many goofs before refilming? Why no mathtrades? What hardware & software do I film with? Thoughts on Burgundy 20th Anniversary Ed.? Exploding Kittens love? App automas? Do I value innovation too much? Skipping classics? Super Rahdo auctions? Did I misrepresent Forgotten Circle haters? Superheroes of Renown and other homebrew designs? Rules discovery? Magic vs Keyforge? Rolling Realms?

•••[01:33:13] More games Q&A (with Jen)►►►
Explaining RRT popularity? RTT in the Dice Tower network? Most incredible gaming moment? How to get friends past gateways?

•••[01:58:32] Personal Q&A►►►
Mutants in the Marvel Comics universe? Avenue 5? The Passage trilogy? Thoughts on The Expanse, The Witcher and Farscape? Picard is portrayed incorrectly? Luke a Mary Sue? Favourite Star Wars droid? Would I really go back to work on a new SyphonFilter? How has Corona affected us? Biden's chances? Thoughts on Yang leaving the race? How much is too much when it comes to SJWness? Examples of how music has advanced? When did we decide not to have kids? How's Jen's monovision working out? Jen's inherent contradiction in how she consumes entertainment media? How does Jen fell about all the Rahdo haters? 23 and me results? Advice about what not to do when moving overseas? Tea recommendations from Jen? Any phone/tablet games we enjoy? West Wing Weekly? Working with Peter Molyneux? Jen's words of wisdom? Picard thoughts now that the season is over? 

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  1. Cool, I was looking forward to this next one, especially with all the time at home right now!
    (And just a quick note: The "h" of "http" in the direct MP3 Link is not part of the link, so it does not work when clicking on it. Of course you can just add it and copy/paste, but just to mention it. :) )

    1. thanks for the heads up, fixed now! :)