Monday, 3 February 2020

RRU January 2020

Hey everybody, welcome to the first episode of the audio-only version of my monthly gaming Rahdo Round Up, where I talk about the games Jen and I have played over the preceding 4 weeks. If you'd prefer to watch this in video form, head to :)

22. World Without End
21. Captain is Dead: Lockdown
20. Parks
19. Legendary Forests
18. Fox in the Forest Duet
17. Captain is Dead: Dangerous Planet
16. Florenza Dice Game
15. Trickerion
14. Dungeon Alliance Adventures
13. Ishtar
12. Quirky Circuits
11. TIME Stories: Experience
10. TIME Stories: Hadal Project
9. Rocketmen
8. Inner Compass
7. Aftermath
6. Micro City
5. Solar draft
4. Suburbia Collector’s Edition
3. Circle the Wagons
2. Aeon’s End: Outcasts
1. The Networks: Executives

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