Wednesday, 4 September 2019

RTT Episode #52

Rahdo vs the world!!! :)


The Rahdo apology tour begins here:

•••[00:00:44] Games of Interest►►►
Bloom Town, Deep Blue, Deckscape: Curse of the Sphinx, Rush MD, Sunflower Valley: Card Game, The Magnificent, Trails of Tucana, Marco Polo 2, Skytopia, Fire!, Florenza Dice Game, Gugong: Panjun, Jiguan: Eastern Mechanist, Marvel Champions: Card Game, Miyabi, Nova Luna, Paris: New Eden, Rune Stones, So You've Been Eaten, Time of Legends: Destinies, TIME Stories Revolution: Expereince, Ultra Tiny Epic Galaxies, Dragonfire: Campaign - Waterdeep, Last Bastion, Tapestry, Chrono Corsairs, Clank! In! Space! Cyber Station 11, Gates of Delirium, 7th Citadel, Walking in Provence, Edge of Darkness: Cliffs of Coldharbor, School of Sorcery, Aristocracy, Orleans Stories, Empires of the North: Japanese Islands, TIME Stories Revolution: Hadal Project, Tiny Towns: Fortune, Kitchen Rush (revised edition)

•••[00:53:17] Games Q&A►►►
Jen, why are games fun? No record of the Rosenberg shackles? Income issues related to game value? Full runthroughs? 3+ games we like/want to play? Help find a lost game bag from UKGE 2019? Empire of the Void II? Playing the villain not to win? Strange/Norrell runthrough? Santa Maria's handling of sensitive subject hurt fun factor? How common are runthrough reshoots? What game did I hate the most yet finish? Longest game session? Most anticipated next game *right now*? Jettison collection? Solo upswing? How to play new Carpe Diem with orig rules? Translation of rules into non-English? Escape with or without expansions? Does Jen still think Escape is better than Agricola? Will a game come out in next 5 years to supplant Pandemic for us? More thoughts on Spirit Island? Gloomhaven digital implementation? Rahdo designed boardgame? Life for Pandemic Legacy season 1 after campaign is over? Ultimate bingo style euro? How to do detailed ratings on BGG? Rahdo vs Eric Martin? Rahdo vs SU&SD? Rahdo vs the games industry? Feast for Odin return? Grizzled from the POV of German soldiers? My heart no longer in it? How many pubs send out final copy of covered games? Enjoy Legacy more because forced to play more? Any games thought would be poor but surprised upon 2nd play? Green screen trick? Know-op? How does RRT voting rate? Expansions ever make a bad game good? More replays of old games for the show? Dreamscape? What happens when a Kickstarter fails? Rundowns too rushed? More game revisits? Wingspan as Kennerspiel? How'd Jen like Black Angel? GotY contenders? What prompted me to start RRT? What solo game would I play *right now*? Where's the Rahdo/Dice Tower live play session? Game killers? Suburbia too hate-draftey? Mechanics v Mechanisms according to the OED? Tigris & Euphrates?

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