Tuesday, 2 July 2019

RTT Episode #50

A bit long winded...


•••[00:00:45] Games of Interest►►►
Cities: Skylines, Aftermath, Kingdomino Duel, Clank! Expeditions: Temple of the Ape Lords, Copenhagen, Roll & Write, Cosmic Run: Express, Enchanters: Odyssey, Escape Tales: Low Memory, Habitats: XL Expansion, Lands of Galzyr, Mint Cooperative, ClipCut Parks, Concordia: Balearica, Entrepreneurs, Harry Potter: Death Eaters Rising, Paris, Rescue Animals, 7th Continent: Classic Edition, Toy Story: Obstacles & Adventures

•••[00:28:22] Top10 Revisit►►►
Underrated Games

•••[00:49:12] Gaming Q&A►►►
Examples of great scaling for 2? Desert Island solo games? Game depth definition? What happened to Carpe Diem ranking? CO2 & Kanban swap? Large collection wall? Rahdo con? Bad game teaching experiences? What makes great game tension? Designer responsibility for fan behavior? Boardgame marketing? Burning Cat convention? Concordia underwhelming? Rahdo house rules/variants? Value for money in runthroughs? PnP runthroughs? Fields of Arle 2nd thoughts? Star Wars Outer Rim? Playing Black Angel with Eric Martin? Drive to win? Paid previews for games we don't like? Really necessary to reiterate paid caveats? Dice Forge expansion? What's a math trade? More Black Angel info? Best game convention? Did we get any farther in 7th Continent? Ancient World 2nd edition? Retheme challenge: Colosseum? How to reconcile ranking loops? Why did I start doing paid previews? Why keep such a big collection I don't play? Darwinauts beautiful, really? Aeon's End ideal order?

•••[02:12:52] Personal Q&A►►►
Constructive criticism for GoT? The secret to our relationship? Fave GoT characters and episodes? GoT negative groupthink? Jen's fave Tolkien characters? Tolkien biopic? Where would we live in the Tolkien-verse? Puppy advice? Why are there 880 From Batavia copies in the playlist? How many times have I been fired? Thoughts on Star Trek Picard series? Take games on sabbatical? Thoughts on Survivor: Edge of Extinction? Non-spoiler Star Trek Disco thoughts? Jen's words of wisdom? Quasi-Disco thoughts and what next for a Trek newb?

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