Wednesday, 8 May 2019

RTT Episode #48

Just a normal episode! :)


•••[00:00:31] Games of Interest►►►
Age of Dirt, Xi'an Presitge, A Fistful of Meeples, Coralia, Fast Sloths, Pact, Ecos: First Continent, Endeavor: Age of Expansion, Marquesas, Search for Planet X, Unlock! Timeless Adventures, Clinic Deluxe Edition

•••[00:15:15] Top 10 Revisits►►►
2018, Game Artists

•••[00:41:20] Gaming Q&A►►►
Colonialism theme in boardgaming? Retheme challenge! Unplayed games from Malta? Where are the euros? Games to play post-RRT? BGG subscriptions? Games named after places? Pubs more or less likely to send review copies in the States? Why keep games we can never play? Fave games by continent? Best Agricola expansions? Jen's dream Tolkien boardgame? Jen's design for a glass making game? Boardgame dirty laundry? Train by Brenda Romero? Rahdo interns? Coimbra vs Notre Dame? Tabletop Day? Dixit? Networks? Anything need to disappear from boardgaming? What generates most excitement for a new game? The art of Ania Kryczkowska?

•••[01:46:44] Personal Q&A►►►
Do Jen and I watch shows together? What new shows have both Jen and I enjoyed? Care bear player enjoying violence in other media? How can I actually like Glengarry Glen Ross? Other real life superheroes besides Stan Lee? Malta vacation tips? Details about our 20th anniversary catamaran trip? Black Sails? Murano tips? Limoncello? Retirement in Malta? Fave spots in Italy? Maltese fish markets? Sustainability in boardgaming? How to prioritize media? Jen's monthly words of wisdom?

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