Monday, 4 February 2019

RTT Episode #45

More games, more rants! :)


•••[00:01:10] Games of Interest►►►
Gloomhaven: Forgotten Circles, Beyond Humanity: Colonies, Roll for the Galaxy: Rivalry, Lord of the Rings: Journeys in Middle-earth, Copenhagen, Tavern of the Deep Valley, Dungeonology: The Expedition, Dunaia: The Prophecy, Aeon's End: New Age, Pret-a-Porter, Harbour: High Tide, Luxor: The Mummy's Curse, Suburbia: Collector's Edition, Silver & Gold, The City: The Expanded City, Teotihuacan: Late Preclassic Period, Agemonia, Xingu, Century: A New World, Hadara, The Castles of Burgundy (Royal Edition), Era: Medieval Age, Corinth, Imperial Settlers: Roll & Write, Kingsburg: The Dice Game

•••[00:35:50] Gaming Q&A►►►
People's choice top 10? Untouched boardgame genres? Any topics that should be off limit for boardgames? Boardgame industry's cultural insensitivity? Does runthrough style translate to better game teaching IRL? The 'teach'? Andor's roll to resolve? Boardgaming close to mainstream? How to find my list of co-op games? My biggest rules blunder? Rules mega thread issue? Did Martin Wallace really work on Wildlands & Hit Z Road? Gnomopolis? Has Energy Empire held up? Thematic euros? Why Dungeon Petz but not Carnival of Monsters? Better for equal representation at the cost of historical accuracy? Boardgame burn out? Handing RRT over to someone else upon retirement? Reshooting early runthroughs? Ragusa runthrough? Top sandbox games? Easier to houserule 2p into a 3p minimum game, or meanness out of a take take that game? Our houserules? Opinionated Gamer's peak rating article? Best way to move boardgames? Rodney Smith's hype videos? Rewatching old runthroughs? Continuing runthroughs once the camera stops? What games do I wish I'd kept? Best expansion for Elder Sign? Any genres Jen or I dominate? Updating top10 co-ops? Rahdo at Essen Spiel 2019?

•••[02:23:00] Personal Q&A►►►
Most signficant changes to USA in our absence? My high pitched voice? Vasectomy story? How did we end up in Malta? BBC nature documentaries? Christmas tree & decorations? Syphon Filter influenced by Metal Gear Solid? How do we weather tough times in our marriage? Gaming with Mom? Fave childhood TV shows? Did Syphon Filter meet original vision? Any recent videogames we've enjoyed? Prevalence of open world videogames? Any snow since we've been back? Free to air TV? Renting the UK house? Why is Jen coming to UK? Bandersnatch? Jen's words of wisdom?

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