Tuesday, 6 March 2018

RTT Episode #34

Big mailbag month!

•••[00:00:40] Games of Interest►►►

Newton, Arraial, Carpe Diem, Embark, Gizmo, Okavango, Fleet: The Dice Game, Humanitas, Isle of Skye: Expansion 2, The Networks: Telly Time, Quest for El Dorado: Heroes and Demons, Dragonfire: Corruption in Calisham, Dragonfire: Sea of Swords, 7 Wonders: Armada, This War of Mine: Tales from the Ruined City, Rice Dice, Architects of the West Kingdom, Primus, Scientia

•••[00:15:35] Game Q&A►►►

Lignum thoughts? Splotter thoughts? Area Control for care bears? Best trade/negotiations games? Shelf organization? Harry Potter Miniatures Game? Visting Rahdo central? How will Seattle change our gaming? Rahdo relaxes through? More US conventions in our future? Prodigal Club + Last Will? How's Charterstone the 2nd time through? Pandemic Legacy 2 sandboxey? Fave Gloomhaven characters? How will Seattle change our gaming II? Where's Alter Ego & Reborn from Flame? Games that feature disabilities? Controlling multiple characters in co-op? Changing structure of runthroughs, over the years? Jen/Rahdo disagreeing on games? Jen's dislike for social deduction? How's Escape hold up for Jen? Going to UKGE this year?

•••[01:11:30] Personal Q&A►►►

Household holiday traditions? What are we most looking forward to in the states? Olympia over Seattle? What about the political climate in the US? Last Jedi thoughts? Man in the High Castle thoughts? Best documentary? Ever returning to England? What are we most looking forward to in the Pac NW? Expat adjustments? How loud is Rahdo IRL? Rahdo fire sale? New gaming table? What about the chickens? Dog passports? Miss most about Malta? Miss least about Malta? Jen's investing advice? Interim fundraising options? Fave Harry potter book and movie? Reacclimating to the US? Rahdo on hold dates? Rahdo runs through US protests? Where to grow old? Jen's monthly words of wisdom?

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