Monday, 3 April 2017

RTT Episode #23

Top 10x4


•••[00:01:05] Games of Interest►►►
Codenames Duet, Flip Ships, Helionox Deluxe Edition, Hardback, Klondike Rush, Kitchen Rush, Pursuit of Happiness: Community, Palace of Mad King Ludwig, Sentient, Catacombs: Wyverns of Wylemuir, Brass: Birmingham

•••[00:27:05] Top10 Revists►►►
Felds, Rule Breakers, Deluxe Reprint Needed, Tardis Games

•••[00:50:11] Boardgame Q&A►►►
Game design vocabulary? Best themes for euro mechanics? Rahdo awards? Take that against AI? How do I classify my BGG collection? Innovation in boardgames vs videogames? Components vs gameplay? How to remember rules? Needed rule tweaks? Fave Dominion stuff? Fave Agricola stuff?

•••[01:33:05] Non-Boardgame Q&A►►►
Non boardgame mastery? Maltese dishes? First jobs? College majors? Languages spoken? How's RRT doing? Frugal living? What does an American expat miss? Chocolate stroopwafel? Fave animals? Jen's fave glass piece?

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